University High School, Normal, IL

Girls’ soccer off to strong start

Despite missing many of their key seniors from last year, the girls’ soccer team got second at the intercity tournament which is the best they have done in four years.

Senior Captain Lydia Wilson said that the season is going very well so far.

“We’re all doing better than expected,” Wilson said. “Everyone has picked it up since last season.”

One of the key players so far in the season is junior Olivia Crockett, who has scored six goals in the five games they have had.

“The goals were mostly from how the other players set me up,” Crockett said. “It’s all because of how our offense is really starting to work well together.”

Coach Hayley Sefton said that the team is doing well; they just need to work on finishing strong. She thinks the team will do at least as well as last season.

“I think that we could at least go through the sectional tournament like we did last year,” Sefton said.

Another obstacle the team has faced is the injury of two of their players, juniors Brooke Haile-Mariam and Sarah Telling, both from torn ACL’s.

Sophomore Emma Gonzales said that the injuries have been tough on the team, but everyone’s holding together.

“Missing two of our players makes a big difference, but the team is still getting along really well and I think we’ll be able to pull through it,” Gonzales said.