University High School, Normal, IL

Orchesis performs Poetry in Motion

If you were at U-High on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, you would have heard some music playing from the newly renovated Stroud Auditorium for the first concert back in the new space. The Orchesis Intercity Dance Company presented their show called “Poetry in Motion.” Poetry was shown on stage as students told stories through their floor routines.

Students from high schools all around Bloomington-Normal have been practicing hard since the fall concert. At the intermission, the 19 seniors were brought out on to the stage and were honored and given a gift for their hard work.

Senior Traci Olson participated in the concerts on Saturday and Sunday.

“Everyone in the class had to choreograph a dance for the class and the choreographer chose which one she liked the most and made a concert out of the best pieces,” Olson said.

Each student was assigned one or two dances to practice and work on for a semester to perform in the spring concert. The dances were in groups ranging from two people all the way up to 18. Each group danced to a song with dance moves that were specifically designed to match up with the song and lighting on the stage. Dances ranged from upbeat hip-hop routines, to slow sad songs that honored the recent passing of two Tremont students.

Olson said all of the hard work in the past few months has paid off.

“We practiced our dances for eight weeks so we could memorize them,” Olson said. “We spent the last two or three weeks perfecting each dance so they could look the best that they could for our spring concert.”