University High School, Normal, IL

Cheerleaders cheer to first

Once again, the U-High cheerleading team exhibited qualities of one of the best cheerleading teams in the state despite some difficulties as they took the first place trophy Sunday at the Ridgeview ICCA cheerleading competition in Colfax.

The Pioneers opened their cheer strongly and loudly showing their true spirit and strength as a team but encountered a few problems lowering their score later in the cheer.

Head coach Drew Miller said that he found problems with their cradle catches and that the team they can improve for state, their biggest competition of the year.

“We had some bobbles here and there, especially with executing our cradles, but we were still strong,” Miller said.

Freshmen David Davis admits that the team didn’t perform as well as they have in the past but still managed to outperform the competition.

“We were worse than usual and didn’t deserve 1st, but the other teams deserved first less,” Davis said.

The Pioneers will use this competition as a learning experience in order to prepare for the IHSA and ICCA cheerleading competitions coming up.

Senior Morgan Sondgeroth said the cheerleading team has a lot on their minds for the upcoming state tournament.

“We have set the bar higher than we have in past years because of our team and our talent is much better. Hopefully we can go top 10 at state,” Sondgeroth said.