Transcendentalist Art


A Description of Transcendentalist Art:

Emerson wrote that transcendental thought consisted of three basic ideas. Individualism, independence and appreciation, which all artists expressed differently throughout their art. Transcendental art or the meaning of the word cannot be some up in one basic meaning. Transcendentalists believed that the human spirit could, at one point, be united with the natural world if you concentrate enough. The artists would portray only nature and any other forms constructed by human hands would not disturb it.

Famous Transcendental Artists:

John Constable


          John Constable didn’t always agree with the ideas of the Transcendentalists at all times. He rejected the formal or “ picturesque” rendering of nature but instead tried to capture the changing patterns in the usage of light and dark throughout his paintings. 

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J. M. W. Turner

          He was considered the first impressionist as he was recognized as a influence on early French Impressionists. 

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  Thomas Doughty

He was nationally recognized for his landscape paintings. For more information regarding his life and later works that were exhibited in the later years.

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Frederic Edwin Church

 He attended Hudson River School of Art where he met Thomas Cole. He was most known for being Thomas Cole’s pupil while attending the art school.

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