Psychology- background

Students were familiar with the “MUDA” criteria for determining abnormality (Maladaptive, Unjustifiable, Disturbing, and Atypical) and the criteria for major depressive disorder and schizophrenia from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V. The class watched a feature film called “Proof,” and students were asked to make a decision about whether the main character, Catherine, could be properly diagnosed with a mental disorder based on either the MUDA criteria or those from the DSM-V.

Since this is a large class of 28 students, students were divided into three groups to allow students the opportunity to participate more often.  The first group (identified by a blue piece of paper) was told that they would be addressing the MUDA criteria. Students with differently-colored paper would discuss the DSM criteria for either major depressive disorder or schizophrenia.  Only students with blue paper would be called on during the MUDA portion.  Students who did not have blue paper were encouraged to write down comments they had on their papers as a way to share their thoughts when they were not participating verbally in the discussion.  The video begins as I am finishing my instructions to the class and the students with blue paper are holding them up to see with whom they’ll be speaking about the topic.