TA Work for TCH Students

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  1. Grade Assignments/Assessment from CT (not their own assignments/assessments)
  2. Research and Resource Acquisition
  3. Redesign Existing CT Lessons/Units
  4. Classroom Aesthetics (Bulletin Boards, etc)
  5. Photocopying Materials
  6. Skyward Posting
  7. Various Blackboard Duties
  8. Set up and take down labs
  9. Test labs/activities
  10. Write quiz questions while observing
  11. Monitor/lead group work
  12. Individual student help
  13. Tutor
  14. Catch up absent students
  15. Pass out graded papers/handouts
  16. Take attendance
  17. Field student questions over homework
  18. Work individually with a student that has been gone for a few days
  19. Create a learning activity for CT using technology(Sketchpad, website, etc)
  20. Create a short assessment of a selected topic
  21. Create a project assignment and rubric
  22. Assist with extracurricular activities
  23. Monitor and assist with classroom computers
  24. Clean whiteboards/eraser/transparencies
  25. Lead a review before a quiz/test
  26. Take attendance
  27. Classroom maintenance
  28. Lead warm-ups
  29. Lead study sessions
  30. Convert written tests to Blackboard tests
  31. Create review games from lecture notes
  32. Plan a field trip
  33. Help monitor tests
  34. Making Seating Charts
  35. Making Power Points
  36. Making Prezis
  37. Creating Games
  38. Prepare resources for 504 plans
  39. Assemble displays of students’ work
  40. Involve them in class critiques