Help Desk Troubleshooting Flow Chart

Remember, while technology is a wonderful tool, problems are inevitable.  The best way to respond is to develop strategies for coping with problems:


  1. Troubleshoot what you can:  Try restarting your computer and disconneting then reconnecting your wi-fi before seeking additional help.
  2. Have a solid, clear system for organizing and naming your files and save all projects on your S-drive.
  3. When you are having printing issues with an assignment, e-mail that assignment to your teacher.  No teacher is required to excuse tardies due to poor planning regarding printer issues.
  4. Use the tech help desk next to the library.  Student helpers are trained to respond to your tech needs. See the U-High Tech Blog.
  5.  Be aware of and USE Cyber-Safety!
  6. Always use e-mail ettiquette when communicating with teachers, administrators, and coaches.
  7. Lastly, be patient.  technological wonders and mishaps are simply a part of our lives  It’s best to adopt an attitude of patience and to learn to be flexible and responsible with each new situation.
  8. FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS:Internet Safety Pledge.