Directions to Evanston

1600 Dodge Ave. Evanston, IL  60204

Take I-55 north toward Chicago.  Mergeonto I-294 N via exit number 277A toward Wisconsin (Portions toll).  Merge onto I-90 E toward Chicago (Portions toll).  Take Lawrence Ave/4800 N exit -#84.  Turn slight left on W. Lawrence Ave.  Turn left on N. Cicero Ave/Il -50.  Turn right onto W. Foster Ave.  Merge onto Edens Exway W/I-94 W via the ramp on the left. Exit Expressway at Dempster St. east.  Go east on Dempster to Groose Point.  Left on Grosse Point for two blocks to Church St.  Right onto Church St. and on to the school which is about 3 miles east.